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Amir Glatt talks with Jason Barnard about AI and digital marketing agencies: good or bad?

Amir Glatt is co-founder and CTO of Duda. Amir brings over 22 years of experience in product management, software architecture, and leading large development teams to Duda. He started as a sole developer and engineer and is the original mind behind the company’s unique platform. Amir holds a BSc in Computer Science and Mathematics from Ben Gurion University in Israel.

As a digital marketing agency owner, you know that staying competitive is a constant challenge. Harnessing the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in your business can make all the difference you need to offer more services, streamline processes and increase profits. By leveraging AI, you can position your agency as a leader in the rapidly evolving digital marketing landscape, while maintaining a human-centred approach that ensures long-term brand success.

In this episode, the great Amir Glatt shares his extensive knowledge on the pros and cons of AI for digital marketing agencies. Amir explains how AI can help in writing content, how to expand service offerings, and the importance for agencies to become more strategic and leverage tools for specific goals in today’s AI era.

As always, the show ends with passing the baton… Amir groovily passes the virtual baton to next week’s delightful guest, Tyler Pigott.

What you’ll learn from Amir Glatt

  • 00:00 Amir Glatt and Jason Barnard
  • 03:08 Duda’s Brand SERP
  • 05:09 How AI Can Help Agencies in Writing Content
  • 06:37 Automating Research, Onsite SEO, and More
  • 07:57 The Impact of AI on Job Roles and Agency Adaptation
  • 09:05 Expanding Service Offerings with AI
  • 11:05 Agencies Becoming Strategic
  • 13:30 Pricing Challenge
  • 14:17 Expanding Agency Roles
  • 16:04 Job Impact and Value Addition in the AI Era
  • 17:02 Enhancing Developer Productivity with AI
  • 17:41 Balanced Human-Machine Collaboration in Content Creation
  • 18:28 Managing Content Overlap and AI-Generated Content
  • 20:30 AI-Driven Content Collection and Streamlining Processes
  • 23:28 Strategic Implementation of AI: Leveraging the Tool for Specific Goals
  • 24:09 Efficiency and Scalability
  • 24:59 Customer Acquisition
  • 26:15 Automating Client Acquisition with AI
  • 28:10 How Does AI Help Digital Marketing Agencies with Branded Search
  • 29:36 Passing the Baton: Amir Glatt to Tyler Pigott

This episode was recorded live on video May 30th 2023

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