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Kaspar Szymanski talks with Jason Barnard about how to grow organic rankings with brand?

Kaspar Szymanski is a founding member of Search Brothers and a well-known search expert who specialises in recovering websites from Google penalties and helping websites improve their rankings with SEO Consulting. Prior to founding, Kaspar Szymanski was part of the Google Search Quality team, where he was a driving force behind global initiatives to combat web spam. He is the author of The Ultimate Guide to Google Penalties and part of the Ask the SMXperts series.

A well-executed brand optimisation strategy is your best friend when it comes to organic SEO success. By leveraging your brand’s unique selling proposition and ensuring user satisfaction, you’ll lay the groundwork for better search engine rankings and more visitors to your website. But how exactly do you go about testing this crucial strategy for long-term success? Hmmm…

In this episode, Kaspar Szymanski presents actionable steps and best practices that will put your brand on the fast track to organic SEO stardom. He also talks about the huge impact user satisfaction has on website rankings, the challenges of convincing stakeholders to invest in organic rankings and brand building, and increasing click-through rates through branding.

As always, the show ends with passing the baton… Kaspar wonderfully passes the virtual baton to next week’s incredible guest, Amir Glatt.

What you’ll learn from Kaspar Szymanski

  • 00:00 Kaspar Szymanski and Jason Barnard
  • 01:44 Kaspar Szymanski Brand SERP
  • 02:57 Search Brothers’ Brand SERP
  • 05:40 Brand Recognition and Unique Selling Proposition
  • 07:30 The Reason for Building a Brand
  • 08:07 The Tremendous Impact of User Satisfaction on Website Ranking
  • 10:07 Brand Recognition and Two-Way Communication
  • 13:26 Convincing Stakeholders: Organic Rankings and Brand Building
  • 16:13 Utilising Google Search Console
  • 17:23 Increasing Click-Through Rates Through Branding
  • 20:10 The Complex Relationship Between Brand Uplift and Organic Wins
  • 21:19 Prioritising User Satisfaction for Organic Search Success
  • 23:24 Branded Queries
  • 24:30 Brand in Evolving Search Engine Landscape
  • 27:32 How to Integrate Brand SERP Optimisation into an SEO Strategy
  • 30:20 Passing the Baton: Kaspar Szymanski to Amir Glatt

This episode was recorded live on video May 23rd 2023

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