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William Attaway talks with Jason Barnard about how to build an unbreakable, unshakable business.

William Attaway is a mindset and leadership coach who helps high performance agency owners and their teams to navigate challenging situations and maximize their potential with Clear-Minded Focus, Calm Control, and Confidence. As business owners and entrepreneurs grow their businesses, they often feel out of control, overwhelmed and struggle to make confident, quick decisions that impact their success and that of their teams. Is there a roadmap somewhere to help you build an unbreakable business with unwavering confidence so you can have more joy and ease? How can you avoid the ditches that other business owners and entrepreneurs have fallen into? In his new book, William Attaway draws from his own personal leadership experience, as well as the experience of hundreds of leaders he has coached, and shares 12 key principles that can help leaders grow and add value to those they lead today, no matter where they are.

Scaling a business requires a clear focus to effectively manage growth and ensure that all strategies are aligned with the company’s goals. External perspectives can provide fresh insights that help eliminate internal biases and provide clarity. Also, a strong team that is aligned with the company’s values is vital to growth, as employees are not just employees, but also the driving force in achieving the company’s goals. Together, these elements form the foundation for successfully and purposefully scaling a business in a collaborative effort.

In this episode, William Attaway discusses how founders can deal with losing control as their business grows. He emphasizes the importance of understanding your team, clear-minded focus and gives insightful advice on handing over tasks, the relevance of focused and balanced decision making and moving from a reaction-driven to a calmer response. The conversation also centers around Jim Collins’ bus philosophy and how it relates to placing team members in a bus scenario. William illustrates the “five Cs” to consider when hiring employees: Commitment, Chemistry, Culture, Character and Competency.

As always, the show ends with passing the baton… William passes the virtual baton to next week’s awesome guest, Theresa Rose.

What you’ll learn from William Attaway

  • 00:00 William Attaway and Jason Barnard
  • 00:58 William Attaway’s Brand SERP
  • 03:37 Why is a Clean Digital Footprint Important?
  • 05:59 How Can Founders Deal with Losing Control as Their Business Grows?
  • 06:38 How Can Entrepreneurs Maintain Clear-Minded Focus
  • 07:15 How External Perspectives Drive Clarity and Focus in Branding and Marketing
  • 08:33 What Business Leaders Need to Focus On for Optimal Business Growth
  • 09:59 Balancing Passions and Skills: How to Determine the Best Use of Your Time?
  • 11:57 From Chaos to Calm Control: How to Achieve a ‘Mind Like Water’ in Business?
  • 14:37 Why Abdicating Leadership in Your Business is Always a Bad idea?
  • 16:37 How Can an Outside, Unbiased Perspective Support Company’s Success?
  • 18:21 Clear Focus and Delegation to Move Towards Organisational Goals
  • 22:35 Five C’s to Have the Right People in Your Team
  • 23:20 First C: Commitment
  • 23:28 Second C: Chemistry
  • 23:44 Third C: Culture
  • 23:58 Fourth C: Character
  • 24:26 Fifth C: Competency
  • 24:58 Understanding Individual Disposition to Influence Task Allocation and Team Success
  • 26:50 Is Leadership Development Equally Applicable to Managers and Team Members?
  • 27:23 How to Determine If Someone Isn’t a Good Fit for Your Team
  • 28:12 Do Regular Check-Ins Improve Team Productivity, Performance and Effectiveness?
  • 30:27 How Does Clear-Minded Focus Impact Your Decision-Making Confidence?
  • 31:25 How Does Branded Search Help Build an Unbreakable, Unshakable Business?
  • 32:19 Passing the Baton: William Attaway to Theresa Rose

This episode was recorded live on video November 14th 2023

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