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Theresa Rose talks with Jason Barnard about the energy of persuasion using show and tell.

Theresa Rose is a brand and business Crystallizer, Strategic Co-Creator, and certified speaking professional who works with experts and their businesses to create unique visual brands that they can draw on a cocktail napkin. With her Crystallization Process, Theresa helps thought leaders Clarify, Amplify, and Monetize their Brilliance as efficiently — and lucratively — as possible.

Crystallized Marketing is a brilliantly simple yet incredibly effective approach to branding and communication. It focuses on distilling a brand’s message down to its essence and enables businesses to communicate their value proposition in a clear and engaging way. By using visual models and co-creation, companies can create memorable experiences that resonate emotionally with customers, leading to stronger brand loyalty and sales conversions.

In this episode, Theresa Rose gives great insights into Crystallized Marketing and discusses how brands can define their own Brilliance to create a visual representation that convinces and engages potential customers. Theresa explains what Cocktail Napkin Clarity means and the power of simple visuals like a cocktail napkin sketch to communicate complex ideas. She also addresses the challenges of developing visual representations and the need for external support for insight and refinement.

As always, the show ends with passing the baton… Theresa passes the virtual baton to next week’s delightfully lovely guest, Sara Taher.

What you’ll learn from Theresa Rose

  • 00:00 Theresa Rose and Jason Barnard
  • 00:38 Theresa Rose’s Brand SERP
  • 01:35 Kalicube Support Group
  • 01:48 Theresa Rose Presents, LLC Brand SERP
  • 04:18 What Exactly is “Show and Tell”?
  • 05:30 What is the Biggest Pain Point of Businesses?
  • 06:14 How Does a Lack of Clarity Become a Pain Point for Executives and Thought Leaders?
  • 06:47 How Can Visual Models Transform the Sales Process?
  • 06:55 What is Cocktail Napkin Clarity?
  • 07:44 What is the Essence of Cocktail Napkin Clarity?
  • 09:31 How Can the Combination of Words and Images be an Effective Marketing Tool?
  • 10:54 How to Create a Visual Representation That Appeals to Clients on an Emotional Level
  • 11:52 Which Elements can Make a Visual Model More Convincing and Engaging to the Audience?
  • 13:54 What Role Does Simplicity Play in Communicating with Potential Clients?
  • 15:53 What is Crystallized Marketing?
  • 16:16 What are the Challenges in Developing a Visual Essence for a Brand?
  • 17:27 What Role Does Co-creation Play When It Comes to Effectively Crystallizing a Brand’s Message?
  • 18:11 How External Perspectives Help to Define Your Own Brand’s Brilliance
  • 21:26 How Do Customers’ Feelings Influence Their Purchasing Decisions?
  • 23:11 Four Ways People can Experience the Brilliance of a Brand
  • 23:29: First: Read
  • 23:32 Second: Listen
  • 23:36 Third: Watch
  • 27:38 Fourth: Interact
  • 23:46 Why is Consistent Communication Crucial for a Company’s Success and Monetization?
  • 24:21 Why is Consistent Communication a Major Challenge for Businesses?
  • 27:09 How Can Crystallization Help With Branded Search?
  • 28:42 Passing the Baton: Theresa Rose to Sara Taher

This episode was recorded live on video November 21st 2023

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