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Philip VanDusen talks with Jason Barnard about build a powerful personal brand with content.

Philip VanDusen is the owner of Verhaal Brand Design, a brand strategy, design and marketing agency based in New Jersey, USA. Philip VanDusen has more than 25 years of experience in strategic branding and graphic design and has worked for some of the most successful global companies and branding agencies in the world. He offers his clients, followers and audiences a unique blend of expertise gained from leading brand-building initiatives from both the client and agency perspective.

The importance of content marketing lies in its ability to create a groovily genuine connection with the target audience, fostering trust and credibility over time. By continually providing valuable content, you can position yourself as an authority in the industry and attract like-minded individuals and potential clients. Unlike traditional advertising, content marketing is a long-term strategy. It builds a lasting library of resources that continues to work for the personal brand and has a significant impact on visibility and influence.

In this episode, branding expert Philip VanDusen shares his journey to building a personal brand through content creation. He gives fantastic insights and ideas on how videos can attract clients directly from the platform and help build credibility and expertise. Philip emphasizes the importance of personal style branding and consistency in building a recognizable image. He also discusses the power of video content and the value of guest appearances on other podcasts. In addition, Philip shares his insights on content marketing, the importance of feedback and the concept of being of service to the community.

As always, the show ends with passing the baton… Philip passes the virtual baton to next week’s insightful guest, Mariana Franco.

What you’ll learn from Philip VanDusen

  • 00:00 Philip VanDusen and Jason Barnard
  • 00:58 What is Philip VanDusen’s Personal Branding?
  • 02:02 What is Personal Style Branding?
  • 02:27 Why is Color an Essential Element of Personal Branding?
  • 06:07 Why is it Not Advisable to Make Drastic Changes to Visual Branding?
  • 06:48 The Evolution of the Coca-Cola and Pepsi Logos Over the Last Century?
  • 07:19 What are CPG Brands?
  • 07:26 How Has the Google Logo Evolved Over Time?
  • 07:38 How Can Hindsight Influence Our Perception of Past Visual Branding Styles and Decisions?
  • 08:17 Philip VanDusen’s Brand SERP
  • 09:24 How Difficult is it to Get Google to Understand Capitalization in the Middle of a Brand Name?
  • 09:54 Why Does Google Misrepresent Your Brand?
  • 10:47 What Do Semantic Triples Mean?
  • 11:40 Jason Barnard’s Knowledge Panel Cards
  • 12:29 Philip VanDusen’s Journey to Brand Consultancy
  • 16:15 How Important is Consistency in Content Creation?
  • 16:28 Content Creation Strategy
  • 18:06 Four Key Elements to Building a Personal Brand
  • 18:19 First Element: Brand Strategy
  • 19:00 Second Element: Building Your Real Estate, Where You Show Up
  • 19:33 Third Element: Creating Content
  • 19:16 Fourth Element: Engagement
  • 21:03 What are the Benefits of Reading and Responding to Comments on YouTube?
  • 21:53 What Does Community Building in Social Media Mean?
  • 24:03 How to Build a Close Community Around Your Personal Brand
  • 24:50 What is Subliminal Reciprocity?
  • 25:34 How Long Does it Take to See Results from Content Marketing?
  • 25:36 Content Marketing is Attraction Marketing
  • 26:42 What is the Difference Between Content Marketing and Advertising or Promotion?
  • 27:28 What Types of Content are Most Helpful for a Brand SERP?
  • 32:15 Passing the Baton: Philip VanDusen to Mariana Franco

This episode was recorded live on video October 3rd 2023

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