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Craig Rodney talks with Jason Barnard about how to escape survival mode in your agency.

Craig Rodney is a marketing agency coach with a penchant for profit and exit coaching. In 2002, at the tender age of 26, Craig founded a technology-focused PR agency that grew into Cerebra, Africa’s largest social media marketing agency. in 2013, Craig and his business partner sold Cerebra to WPP, and at the end of 2016, Craig exited. After a year of mental and emotional recovery, Craig was drawn back into the agency world when he was approached by a small agency asking for his help. Since then, Craig has assisted more than 100 agencies around the world, many with their own exits. In 2022, Craig launched his Agency to Exit coaching program to complement his private agency coaching. The 10-week program aims to help agency owners create immense value for their business before their exit and makes agency owners want to keep their business.

Agencies in survival mode face the challenge of balancing the urgency to generate revenue with the need to value their time appropriately. Undercharging services is a common trap that can hinder growth, as it can lead to undervaluing the agency’s expertise and capabilities. To break out of this vicious cycle, it is necessary to delegate strategically and set prices that reflect true value. These are crucial steps to winning clients at a corporate level and achieving long-term success.

In this episode, Craig Rodney discusses strategies for escaping survival mode in an agency. Craig takes an in-depth look at the importance of prioritizing tasks based on their criticality and whether they are essential for the agency owner to perform. He shares his approach to managing responsibilities using a “cascading waterfall analogy”. The episode also discusses the concept of being “high functioning lazy”, and how delegating tasks and valuing time over money can be of great benefit to an organization.

As always, the show ends with passing the baton… Craig passes the virtual baton to next week’s wonderful guest, Deanna Shimota.

What you’ll learn from Craig Rodney

  • 00:00 Craig Rodney and Jason Barnard
  • 01:37 Craig Rodney’s Brand SERP
  • 03:27 Kalicube Knowledge Panel and Brand SERP Support Group
  • 03:39 Craig Rodney’s Knowledge Panel
  • 04:05 Why is it Important to Maintain a Consistent User Name for All Platforms?
  • 05:33 What Exactly Does “Survival Mode” Mean in the Context of Running an Agency?
  • 06:20 What Does “High Functioning Lazy” Mean?
  • 07:39 How Can Business Owners Become More Proactive of Their Time?
  • 08:14 Why Do Agencies Value Time Highly When Starting with No Capital?
  • 09:09 What Causes Agency Owners to Initially Devalue Their Time?
  • 10:13 Why is Undercharging Considered a Big Mistake in Business?
  • 10:56 Why is it Challenging for Businesses to Break Free from Survival Mode?
  • 12:39 How Can Valuing Time Over Money Affect the Growth of a Business?
  • 14:01 Hiring a Junior Employee VS Hiring a Senior Employee
  • 16:07 How Can Focusing Exclusively on Revenue Generation Affect an Agency’s Success?
  • 18:13 What Distinguishes Being Responsible for Something from Being Your Personal Job?
  • 19:40 What Influence Does Hiring Growth-Oriented Individuals Have on Winning Enterprise-Level Clients?
  • 20:36 What is the Cascading Waterfall Method of Delegation?
  • 21:51 What Challenges Can Arise When Delegating Tasks and How Can They be Overcome?
  • 27:19 How Do You Initially Secure the Necessary Funds to Hire a Team?
  • 28:12 Why is it Important to Set Prices That Reflect Your Value and Competence?
  • 29:15 How Does the Pricing Strategy Influence How a Client Perceives the Value of an Agency?
  • 31:19 How Can a Branded Search Strategy Help an Agency Escape Survival Mode?
  • 33:05 Passing the Baton: Craig Rodney to Deanna Shimota

This episode was recorded live on video October 24th 2023

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