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Katrina McKinnon talks with Jason Barnard about how to leverage AI in eCommerce content.

Katrina McKinnon is the founder and specializes in providing blog writing services tailored for eCommerce stores. She is one of the 50 founding members of and has made significant contributions to the community as a speaker at three conferences and as a Community Greeter. During her ten years as an outsourcing and content expert, Katrina has played a critical role in supporting a community of over 1,000 members. She has also demonstrated her expertise through guest appearances on popular podcasts such as eCommerce Fuel, Practical eCommerce and eComCrew. Katrina has created over 3,000 training screencasts and reviews aimed at writers and the eCommerce community. She is expanding her influence as the administrator of an African Writers Group that has over 35,000 members.

The transformative role of AI in eCommerce content creation has had a huge impact on the quality of content and production. Writers are creating even more targeted and personalized written content for specific audiences. And AI has incredibly scaled and optimized content creation workflows with writers’ creativity, unique voice and knowledge of refining AI-generated content.

In this episode, Katrina McKinnon discusses the significant shift in content production dynamics due to a change from a 60-person team to a more efficient 10-person team. She emphasizes the importance for authors to maintain their unique voice amidst advancing AI technologies and addresses challenges faced by non-native English speakers when using current AI text-checking tools. The conversation also covers strategies for creating compelling introductions, understanding customer identity for relevant branded search content, and recognizing how detailed content contributes to brand recognition in search results.

As always, the show ends with passing the baton… Katrina passes the virtual baton to next week’s groovy guest, Craig Rodney.

What you’ll learn from Katrina McKinnon

  • 00:00 Katrina Mckinnon and Jason Barnard
  • 01:08 Katrina McKinnon’s Search Generative Experience Result
  •’s Search Generative Experience Result
  • 02:39 How Maintaining a Consistent Brand Profile Improves Branded Search Strategy
  • 05:55 The Future of Personal Branding and Online Interaction
  • 06:56 What is Kalibot and How Can it Sing the Answers to Your Questions?
  • 08:07 How Does the Change from a Team of 60 to a Team of 10 Affect the Production of Content?
  • 08:51 How AI Improves the Quality of Content Creation
  • 09:20 How Does AI Help Writers Learn About Complex Products Quickly?
  • 09:42 How AI Facilitates a Writer’s Understanding and Analysis of Product Differences for Targeted Audiences
  • 11:23 How Does AI Assist in Crafting Customized Buyer’s Guides for a Specific Niche Audience?
  • 12:17 What Role Does Human Supervision Play in the Refinement of Ai-Generated Content?
  • 12:26 How Do Unique Voices and Point of Views Gain Increased Value in Google Search Results?
  • 12:42 Why is it Important for Authors to Maintain Their Unique Voice in the Face of Advancing AI Technologies?
  • 13:20 What Challenges Do Non-native English Speakers Face When Using Current AI Text-Checking Tools?
  • 16:37 How Important is a Compelling Introduction to Written Content?
  • 18:25 What is a Brand SERP from a Beginner’s Perspective?
  • 20:04 How can Brands Find a Balance Between Complexity and Clarity in Their Content?
  • 20:52 How can Understanding the Customer’s Identity and Needs Improve the Relevance of Content for Branded Search and Knowledge Panels?
  • 21:40 Why has the Baseline for SEO Content Shifted in Recent Years?
  • 22:39 How Detailed Content Contributes to Brand Recognition in Search Results?
  • 24:05 Why is Data Becoming Increasingly Valuable in the Digital Landscape?
  • 25:59 How Does Human Creativity Contribute to Generating New Knowledge Compared to AI?
  • 27:20 Why are Authentic Authorship and Tone of Voice Important in Content Creation?
  • 29:08 How can Collaboration Between Writers and AI Tools Enhance the Content Development Process?
  • 30:43 How can AI Driven Content Help Branded Search?
  • 31:34 Passing the Baton: Katrina McKinnon to Craig Rodney

This episode was recorded live on video October 17th 2023

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