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Nitin Manchanda talks with Jason Barnard about cracking the code: secrets to enterprise SEO success.

Nitin Manchanda started his professional journey in 2012 as a software engineer. Some successful SEO experiments made him delve deeper into it and he fell in love with this crazy topic. Since then, he has been trying to connect the dots between UX and SEO by constantly experimenting with different products. Scalability, automation, technical SEO, international SEO, crawl budget optimization, website speed etc. are some of the keywords” that bring a smile on Nitin’s face, you can also add cricket and travel to the list. Nitin has helped brands like trivago and Flipkart increase their organic visibility. He currently works as the Global Head of SEO at Omio, a Berlin-based travel company. He has consulted brands from all over the world to improve the UX and organic visibility of their brands. He is also working on his own blog to bridge the gap between developers, product managers, marketing and management when it comes to SEO issues, which seems to be the biggest pain point in Enterprise SEO.

Enterprise SEO involves tackling massive scale and complexity, with problems compounded by the sheer volume of content and technical difficulties. Aside from the typical SEO issues, governance, delays in decision making and resource allocation present significant hurdles. Balancing the need for thorough impact analysis with the efficient use of resources is definitely critical.

In this episode, Nitin Manchanda talks about the secret sauce for enterprise SEO success. Nitin emphasizes the importance of focusing on incredibly meaningful traffic, creating a frictionless user experience and prioritizing branded search. Nitin provides valuable insight into issues of scalability, personal branding and the impact of content creation. He also gives advice on navigating enterprise SEO conversations for businesses and groovy tips for testing and experimentation.

As always, the show ends with passing the baton… Nitin passes the virtual baton to next week’s super awesome guest, Philip VanDusen.

What you’ll learn from Nitin Manchanda

  • 00:00 Nitin Manchanda and Jason Barnard
  • 01:13 Botpresso’s Search Generative AI Result
  • 02:16 Nitin Manchanda’s Brand SERP
  • 02:29 Kalicube Support Group
  • 02:45 Who is Nitin Manchanda?: Google AI Vs Bing AI Result
  • 04:24 How Does Enterprise SEO Differ from Standard SEO Practices?
  • 05:06 How to Differentiate the Concept of Enterprise SEO Based on the Size of the Website and Not the Company
  • 05:31 How Does the Number of Pages on a Website Affect the Challenges and Solutions in Enterprise SEO?
  • 06:01 How Many Landing Pages Qualify a Website for Enterprise SEO?
  • 07:07 How Important is Personal Branding in Attracting Clients for SEO Consulting?
  • 11:04 What Core Challenges Arise When Acquiring Clients with Massive Websites?
  • 13:12 How Has the SEO Industry Evolved Towards a More Marketing-Oriented Mindset?
  • 13:34 How Does the Concept of Unique Value Propositions Intersect with SEO Strategies?
  • 13:50 How Do You Prioritize User Experience to Retain Visitors, Not Just Drive Traffic to the Site?
  • 14:48 How Can You Convince Clients to Reduce Their Page Count, Especially When the Common Belief “More is Better”?
  • 16:31 Nitin Manchanda’s Recommendations for Enterprise SEO Tools
  • 17:54 How Versatile are the Segmentation Options in Tools Like Oncrawl?
  • 18:07 What Different Data Sources can be Used for Segmentation?
  • 18:57 How to Create Automated, Scalable Solutions for Handling Issues with New Pages without Manual Intervention
  • 20:05 How to Manage Content at Scale, Especially if the Number of Landing Pages is to Increase Significantly
  • 22:48 How Can You Manage Large-Scale Content Translation?
  • 24:53 Which Tools Track the Performance of Content in Multiple Languages?
  • 26:25 How Do Decision-Making and Governance Influence the Timing and Resource Utilization of Enterprise SEO Projects?
  • 27:50 How Important is Branded Search for Enterprise SEO?
  • 29:29 Passing the Baton: Nitin Manchanda to Philip VanDusen

This episode was recorded live on video September 26th 2023

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