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Alex Sanfilippo talks with Jason Barnard about the future of podcasting.

Alex Sanfilippo is an entrepreneur, the CEO and founder of PodPros, a software company specifically focused on the podcasting industry. He is also the host of the highly rated podcast Podcasting Made Simple and a leading educator in the field of podcasting.

Starting a podcast out of pure interest or curiosity can be an entertaining hobby. And the amazing thing about this process is that with a little strategic skill and some keen insights, your hobby can turn into a powerful marketing tool without losing its authentic appeal.

In this episode, Alex Sanfilippo discusses incredible insights into the future of podcasting. Alex reveals how podcasting as a hobby can become an unconventional business tool. Alex also points out that the leads that come in via podcasts are usually well qualified because your listeners already know, like and trust you when they reach out. He gives some useful tips on how to free podcasters from the idea that they might run out of topics, and how to find a balance between evergreen content and timely topics for long term value.

As always, the show ends with passing the baton… Alex passes the virtual baton to next week’s wonderful brilliant guest, David McBee.

What you’ll learn from Alex Sanfilippo

  • 00:00 Alex Sanfilippo and Jason Barnard
  • 01:38 Why Confidence is Important in Podcasting
  • 02:06 Alex Sanfilippo’s Brand SERP
  • 06:00 Podcasting VS Social Media
  • 07:13 How Can Podcasting Serve as an Unconventional Business Tool?
  • 08:42 Balancing Evergreen Content VS Timely Topics for Long-Term Value
  • 10:22 Why Your Past Podcast Episodes Shape Your Credibility for the Future
  • 10:59 How Podcasting Forge Connections Beyond Expectations
  • 11:47 How Does Podcasting Impact the Credibility of Podcast Guests?
  • 13:16 Is Quantity Over Quality the Key in Podcasting Success?
  • 14:44 How is Podcasting Evolving from a Hobby to a Marketing Tool?
  • 16:59 How Does Genuine Passion and the Desire to Share and Learn Contribute to a Successful Podcasting Journey?
  • 18:25 What Metrics Define Success in Podcast Monetization?
  • 19:00 What Challenges and Limitations Do Podcasters Face in Making Significant Income from Advertisements?
  • 19:40 How Does Sponsorship Affect the Listenership and General Engagement of a Podcast?
  • 20:00 Why is Promoting Your Own Product/Service a Better Way to Monetise Podcasts than Advertising or Sponsorship?
  • 20:47 How Can a Podcaster Seamlessly Integrate Advertising for Their Services Without Sounding Too Promotional?
  • 21:45 What is the Difference Between a Genuinely Curious Podcast Host and One Who Over-promotes Their Offering Throughout the Episode?
  • 22:47 How Can Maintaining Genuine Curiosity Help Improve a Podcast Over Time?
  • 23:50 Why are Leads from Podcasts Highly Qualified Compared to Other Marketing Channels?
  • 24:35 What Alternatives Exist for Business Owners Who See Podcasting’s Value but Prefer Not to Host It Personally?
  • 26:07 What are the Reasons Why Podcast Host Believe They Will Run Out of Topics?
  • 26:36 How Can Tools Like Related Search Suggestions and Keywords Expand a Podcast’s Content Repertoire?
  • 27:00 Why is it Important to Revisit Trending Podcast Topics Instead of Treating Them as One and Done?
  • 28:11 How Can a Podcast Create a Quick Return on Investment for a Business Owner?
  • 30:19 How Can Podcasting Help with Branded Search?
  • 31:36 Passing the Baton: Alex Sanfilippo to David McBee

This episode was recorded live on video September 5th 2023

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