Carly J. Cais

Conversion Content

Carly J. Cais started in Marketing before she even knew it was Marketing: building websites for businesses back in 2001 (her first website was a My Little Pony flipping shop). She later founded a niche blog and grew it over 12 years to a monthly readership of over 120K visits, partnering with advertising networks and brands such as L’OREAL, Martha Stewart Crafts, and PLAID. She worked in B2C Marketing first, and then switched to B2B in 2014, landing in SaaS soon after. After working with a number of early-stage startups she found a knack for growing SaaS organizations via a combination of Marketing, operations, and Sales enablement, helping companies grow pipeline, expand their customer base, and lay the foundation for scale. She co-founded a consulting company in mid-2021, and launched solo as RevvSpark at the beginning of 2022. RevvSpark provides conversion content to Marketing and Sales teams at B2B SaaS companies, focusing on Content Marketing, Demand Gen, and Sales Enablement. If it is visual and needs to convince and convert, RevvSpark provides it.