Isar Meitis

Isar Meitis is a 4 time CEO with a passion for teaching and mentoring, who drinks and eats AI tech. Isar has always been a mentor by heart, from his early days as an F16 pilot and a flight instructor at the Air Force Academy, all the way to his current days where he mentors CEOs, and other business leaders.

As an experienced CEO, investor, and board member, Isar has a holistic approach to business. He helps businesses implement AI  using a strategic approach. Isar aims to empower businesses and individuals to maximize their potential through AI-infused strategies, systems, and processes and produce a positive business impact.

Isar has built and implemented technology, systems, processes, and teams in a wide variety of organizations, from small tech startups all the way to multi-billion dollar corporations.

The unique combination of Isar’s business leadership experience, his fun and outgoing personality, and his passion for tech and mentoring makes him a highly sought-after speaker, instructor, and consultant.

Isar is a successful podcaster for over 4 years (Leveraging AI, Business Growth Accelerator), he loves traveling with his family and playing soccer and pickleball.