James Mulvany

Founder of Radio.co, Podcast.co & MatchMaker.fm

All doing interesting things with incredible teams in the online media/broadcasting & content spaces ?

Radio.co ?
A complete radio station management tool. Radio.co offers a complete solution for broadcasters including playout, streaming and analytics all in one easy to use cloud based package. Notable clients include music brands like Primavera Festival, Vice Magazine, Cafe Del Mar & Cafe Mambo in Ibiza, numerous educational institutions and not for profits including OneOcean & Unicef.

Podcast.co ?
Full service podcasting, including a platform for hosting & distribution to common outlets like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google & More. Our agency arm also offers end to end production services with studio space in Manchester, London and New York City.

MatchMaker.fm ?
Like Tinder… but for podcasters! We’ve built a simple to use platform to showcase high profile podcasts who are looking for incredible guests. If you’re an expert and want to get more exposure, then getting booked on podcasts is a fantastic (and quick) way to share knowledge and increase your influence! Sign up for free and start building connections today. 

With Jason Barnard… (podcast)

James Mulvany talks with Jason Barnard about podcasting…. specifically how to build an audience.

James Mulvany with Jason Barnard - Podcast