Jarno van Driel

Jarno van Driel is a structured data consultant from The Netherlands who focuses on providing a competitive edge through the application of leading-edge online marketing technologies for enterprise level websites. In practical terms this means he helps organizations align their marketing activities by developing corporate vocabularies (based on schema.org) that can be used by (but not limited to) all marketing channels.

As one of the first dedicated a frontend developers in The Netherlands he became aware of the effects semantics have on search while working on the accessibility of websites during the beginning of this millennium. This discovery made him curious to learn more about search engine optimization and thus he switched roles to become a SEO specialist.

When he first discovered RDFa in 2008 he quickly recognized the potential of structured data and from that moment on integrated it into his daily activities. Moving forward his role rapidly evolved and caused him to be increasingly involved with structured data both as a publisher as well as a volunteer for schema.org. Because of this, as of 2018, he now spends most of his time providing semantic modeling services and guides organizations into the era of the semantic web.

Over the years his work has been mentioned several times at W3C discussion groups, due to being an early adopter and large provider of structured data. As a result, he started to participate in some of those groups; Trying to help improve common standards, as well as continuously learning more about semantic technologies from the same amazing folks who help create them.