Joel Bondorowsky

Joel Bondorowsky is the founder and executive director of PPC Designs, which is a boutique PPC ad agency, and he is also the SEMrush PPC Academy professor.

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Joel Bondorowsky can be described as a true PPC addict. The last thing he does before bed is check his stats, which is also the first thing he does after waking up. It is his love for the job that feeds this addiction. He dabbled with his first small campaigns back in 2000, when PPC was at its infancy. However, it wasn’t until 2010, when he started working at, when he got into more extreme PPC. After leaving Wix, Joel started a boutique ad agency called Quality Score where he managed some of the largest PPC campaigns in history. Today, he serves as the SEMrush Academy PPC professor s well as founder of PPCDesigns, a new boutique agency providing tailor made marketing solutions for large, mass market activities.

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With Jason Barnard… (podcast)

Joel Bondorowsky talks to Jason Barnard about attention deficit disorder and why it is actually a helpful aspect of his personality when it comes to PPC.

Lovely conversation on the beach in tel Aviv. Listen here >>

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