Joseph S. Kahn

Top SEO Star

From Award-Winning Pop Band to top ranker for Looney Tunes, Joseph Kahn finds himself lost in new search engine ranking tactics and building harmonics in digital teams daily. With that said, Joseph’s many accomplishments include being named Leader of the Year for John Maxwell’s company Maximum Impact in 2003, by practicing employee harmonics to reach Fortune’s Top 500 Fastest Growing Company status. Now, Joseph takes his newly found SEO skills to create harmonic roadmaps for ranking at the top of Google. Joseph’s Asperger’s gives him a special flair for seeing patterns. This innate skill helps him at all SEO and Marketing levels to see the stuff that only scraper tools and software can see. Oh, and he’s a drummer and played in a band with Katie Perry’s Grammy-Award-Winning guitar player. He is also a father of 3 (2 boys and 1 girl) and his wife, a Dr. of Psychology, is a partner in his agency: Hum JAM.