Kalicube Tuesdays

Digital Marketing Livestream Series

Kalicube Tuesdays is a popular weekly series of interview format marketing events that livestream to YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. 

Event Format: Each event in the series is a conversational interview where Jason Barnard (the Brand SERP Guy) discusses a marketing topic with a world-leading specialist. Guests include Bill Slawski, Casie Gillette, Dawn Anderson, Rand Fishkin, Mike Blumenthal, April Dunford, and Yaag Ganesh.

Time, Schedule and Location: The Tuesdays series is organised by Kalicube and each event is live streamed from their head office in Aubais, France at 5PM CET / Paris time every Tuesday afternoon.

Podcast: Audio recordings of Kalicube Tuesdays interviews are republished as part of the podcast series ”With Jason Barnard…”.

Backstory: The series was initially launched in June 2020 as an experiment in conjunction with Wordlift that aimed to learn about managing knowledge graphs in the context of SEO. It is now a groundbreaking application of Knowledge Graphs in SEO, a powerful demonstration of the practical use of structured content in the context of digital marketing, whilst also becoming a popular online event in the marketing community.

Listen to the podcast interviews from the Kalicube Tuesdays Series >>


Kalicube Tuesdays 2020 – organised by Kalicube in partnership with Wordlift