Kelly Hungerford

Kelly is a digital strategist and marketing technologist

She has 20+ years in the technology industry holding roles across customer-facing operations and product development for mid-sized Enterprises and technology companies. 

Having worked both in-house and as a technology consultant, Kelly has in-depth knowledge of how businesses can achieve efficiency and growth at scale and speed, to successfully pivot from product to customer-centric operations and align people, process and platforms for long-term success.

Kelly’s current role is Director of Digital Transformation Strategy and Services for the Global Consumer Group at Sunstar, a global leader in oral care. She is tasked with cultivating a customer experience culture across Europe and the Americas, and uniting teams through Marketing Technology.

Kelly is a native Californian and passionate community builder. She is founder of number online communities, co-founder of Women in Digital Switzerland, a network of more than 5000 women in 5 cities across Switzerland reshaping the technology landscape, and owner of CommunityWorks, a Social Brand building agency based in Lausanne.