Mary Davies

Mary Davies, President of Beanstalk Internet Marketing, Inc. began her career as a web designer in 2002 and quickly began to see the importance of SEO and digital marketing as part of a truly strong web presence. She soon began to approach web design with a strong leaning to not only the design aesthetic but also keeping in mind the necessary technical elements of SEO. In 2004 she chose to switch her primary focus from design to SEO and started the company Beanstalk Internet Marketing Inc. along with her husband and business partner Dave Davies.

Over the past many years she has honed her skills and expertise with a strong focus on user experience. Mary is actively engaged and keeping up with the current trends and changes within the search industry. Her main focus and passion is the user journey though all online platforms whether it be paid search, social media or onsite.

In 2020, she co-founded oohloo Internet Marketing with her husband Dave Davies.

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With Jason Barnard… (podcast)

Mary Davies talks with Jason Barnard about user experience in marketing. So simple, when she tells you what to do 🙂 Listen now >>

Mary Davies with Jason Barnard at SMX West