Richard Nazarewicz

Tech & Product SEO at Dow Jones & WSJ

I have spent the last 20 years working across the Digital spectrum, generally demystifying complex Search and Optimization solutions to empower all business units to integrate Search and SEO. In my current role at The Wall Street Journal, I have focused on the Product, Technical and News SEO drive to make SEO a key component of WSJ, Dow Jones & News Corp’s strategy. 

Originally from Caversham, Reading in the UK, I began my career during the dot-com boom as a consultant at Digital Computer Corporation, where one of the first search engines – Altavista – was developed and Web 1.0 was born. From there I began writing white papers on Windows NT server clustering on DEC Alpha Servers which was bleeding edge at the time. The Altavista browser was used at that time primarily as a tool to demo their backend storage and server solutions which I worked on.

In 2002 I moved to Madrid, Spain to co-found a startup digital agency and have worked as a consultant, SEO, digital producer, technical lead, and project manager across Europe and the U.S. collaborating with digital agencies such as Ogilvy and clients such as Microsoft, HP, Pepe Jeans, British Council, and Katie Couric.