Jason Mun #SEOisAEO ChiangmaiSeo

Jason Mun with Jason Barnard at Chiang Mai SEO

Standing by the pool in a posh hotel in Chiang Mai, I start by mis-singing his name very terribly. I then insult him very rudely. And despite that, Jason remains really delightful. Building an ecommerce site from scratch is easy. Getting the foundations right is the only way to make it work long term. And that is very very difficult. It isn’t just me who thinks that Prestashop is particularly tough… Shopify is the platform Jason recommends. No doubt in his mind. Then onto reviews, how they help convert – pre and post purchase reassurance – but also with features, functionality and attributes. He likes Trustpilot quite a lot. And at the end, I sing to myself.

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Poolside in Chiang Mai

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