Paul Shapiro #SEOisAEO Semrush

Paul Shapiro with Jason Barnard at Global Marketing Day 2019

Paul Shapiro talks with Jason Barnard about the wider view of technical SEO.

We start with an idiotic James Bond analogy. Paul Shapiro pulls me back to the serious business of ‘what is technical SEO’? And the definition is wider than I thought. 4 types of tech SEO. Paul has a plan to tell me the 4 types. Like a child, I keep trying to jump ahead. Paul then looks at skillsets and venn diagrams. And that we should look at (and accept and appreciate) these crossovers. Search Engine Optimisation is one giant Venn diagram of skillsets. The onto the fact that in SEO we are (and need to be) multi-skilled. We end with ‘it’s important to get into the weeds’. Who knows what that means (ask Paul)

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