Tatiana Bonneau


When I was little, I wanted to be a journalist-stripper. No kidding. Thinking back, that is a pretty accurate resume of growing up in the 90s in the Balkans. For better or worse, I ended up as neither of those two.

Today I am working on MarkUpgrade.com and SmartBranding.com with a mission to help entrepreneurs make better choices regarding their brands online.

I am interested in entrepreneurship with all its joys and pains, technology and how it affects our lives, names, company naming, and domains as brand assets. Happy to help anyone with a serious interest with thoughts and ideas on any of those topics. 

Married to a sexy Frenchman, have four kids, a Doberman and, most recently, a floppy-eared wonder of a kitten called Odesa. I’ve been running trails for the past three years (if you look at the scars on my legs, you’d say it’s the past 30, my stripping career would be over, good job, I didn’t opt for that). I like painting and sing in a Ukrainian choir.