Thomas Ballantyne


I am grounded in helping others grow as work worthy of pursuit. I champion T.E.A.M., together everyone achieves more. I hope the world will embrace “Kindness Before Coolness”. I believe the responsibility of a leader is to LIFT those he/she leads. My greatest responsibility as a husband and father is to teach “Love and belonging”.

My current role as “Pest Control Guy” has lead me through the gambit of internet marketing and earned me the formal title of “Director of Marketing at Bulwark Exterminating”. Summarizing what tripling the company in size and customers has taught me is best stated as follows: Experience.

I gladly share my experience as a speaker at marketing conferences, the Bulwark Summit, as a guest blogger, in group meet-ups, and as a business coach. I am happy to share what I can here as well. Feel free to ask.

I will end by quoting my grandfather, “You don’t just have a good day, you make a great day. Make it a great day!”