Judith Lewis #SEOisAEO SeoCamp

Judith Lewis with Jason Barnard at SEOcamp Paris 2019

Judith Lewis talks with Jason Barnard (The Brand SERP Guy) about creating a killer digital strategy.

Judith condenses 10 years of experience in agencies into 20 minutes. Reach, Act, Convert, Engage – touching our customers before, during and after (purchase). The customer is always right, except when they are wrong… and that gives us as an opportunity to helpfully upsell more of our services and make money. Be inspired by others, then do it better! Concrete goals, broad aspirations and KPIs. I look behind the curtain at the Wizard of Oz. Do tech first, then content, then linkbuilding last. Judith gets enthusiastic about Amazon, and tells me that we are not selling traffic, selling visibility. Bob’s Polo Shirt Emporium gets a special mention and Judith analyses their performance in search. So if you are listening, Bob, just listen to the end to get some free advice.

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