Bartosz Góralewicz #SEOisAEO SMXLondon

Bartosz Góralewicz with Jason Barnard at SMX London 2019

We start off discussing SEOcamp Paris, then move onto the heart of the matter. Bartosz is a super Javascript SEO expert, but doesn’t see a long-term future for his skillset. Javascript is too difficult and expensive to process. And Russian Dolls somehow come into it. Google has been struggling with JS for years, but will nail it soon, which is great from a geeky point of view, but bad for Bartosz’s business…. maybe in 2 years, maybe in 5, depending on when Google figure out how to digest the cost of Javascript. Because they haven’t until now, Javascript SEO is a ‘thing’ – has been deindexed because of Javascript, Netflix have sidestepped JS, Hulu were unfindable for a while (and replaced by Torrent). They all need people like Bartosz. I get a bit keen on internal politics at Google (about which I know very very little). Bartosz helps me out by improvising a short piece of theatre in the role of a Google fellow, which is super fun. In the middle of it, he suggests how as a Google fellow) he would put Bing out of business. He then switches sides in his ongoing piece of theatre, and slips into the role of a Bing fellow… and switches sides again by moving over to Amazon. Then back on topic, and there is light at the end of the tunnel – Javascript sites are starting to rank and that means something is happening and the process towards Google handling JS easily has started. He ends by admitting that he has never written Javascript code – but that is actually a positive thing for his role.

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