Sarah Carroll #SEOisAEO TakeitOffline Brighton

Sarah Carroll is a lovely companion to my conversation with Gianluca Fiorelli’s International SEO podcast appearance since this looks at international expansion in digital from a business strategy perspective (beyond the website). She starts by wonderfully singing thank you (turns out Sarah is Welsh and therefore can sing like a bird). She admits that talking is her favourite hobby. Onto the business at hand, she tells me that the six steps: Get Aware, Get Ready, Get Started, Get Strategic, Get Building, Get Performing. Businesses try to run before they can walk (Sarah uses the term ‘fools rush in’, but that is a song and thus dangerous territory), and too often skip steps. In SEO we are very much working in the ‘get performing’ stage, but many of our clients have skipped one or more steps and are not truly ready. But when they do faithfully follow the 6 steps, unstoppable international growth ‘simply requires nailing one territory before expanding by replicating to the others.

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