Pamela Lund #SEOisAEO ungaggedUSA

Pamela Lund with Jason Barnard at Ungagged Los Angeles 2019

Pamela Lund talks with Jason Barnard on why brand awareness is important.

We start with a chat about talking to every single person at UnGagged. Pamela Lund suggests that we have relationships with brands… and that brand can be our friend. We need to build relationships through connections. Then I get over-excited about entities and relationships and memory. Then onto brand personality (Pamela uses the official term – brand awareness). Vanilla is not bland (have a listen and you’ll know why). Then brands have personality and need to maintain that – meaning HR is really important. ALso, please DO have a branded Google Ads campaign. Finally, use the 7 points of contact to get rid of the churners (Kate Toon !), and don’t waste your ad budget on them. Finally, one of the more delightful out-takes with Pamela, Dexter (the videographer) and Hal (the photographer). Ace.

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