Joost de Valk #SEOisAEO YoastCon

Joost de Valk with Jason Barnard at YoastCon 2019

Joost de Valk talks with Jason Barnard about Google investing in WordPress.

Why is Google investing in WordPress. For speed? For structure (aka Gutenberg)? For Accelerated Mobile Pages? For PWA? Or just to make the web more Google-shaped? Joost cuts to the chase. Oh, and by the way, “making money is boring” – great stuff, Joost de Valk!

What you’ll learn

  • 00:01 Introducing Joost de Valk
  • 01:56 The importance of funding diversity
  • 03:10 How impactful is Google’s investment into WordPress?
  • 05:49 Speed : Is WordPress too slow?
  • 06:56 Why is the inclusion of AMP not possible?
  • 09:58 The benefits of PWA
  • 11:14 Embracing Gutenberg with its flaws
  • 13:15 The auditing of Plugins
  • 15:10 Yoast SEOs development
  • 16:14 Is WordPress threatened by Google?

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