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Joyce Ong with Jason Barnard

Hello, hello… and welcome to the first ever episode of my brand-new video podcast (**virtual fist pump**). If you don’t know me, I’m Jason Barnard, and I’ve been a 100% digital nomad since January 2019. You’re likely to find me traveling from conference to conference, flying everywhere from Paris to Sydney, San Jose, Berlin, and more. It’s during these travels that I meet incredible marketing professionals who share their expertise with me right here on the podcast.

Now… it’s time for a confession that I’ve been holding in since you got here… I’m not a professional videographer. I know, it’s shameful really. BUT… Joyce Ong happens to be a pro videographer and knows a thing or two about creating bulletproof (and idiot-proof) video content. She has even written a book on it!

I knew that with my amateur videographer skills, I needed some help getting this video podcast off to a good start. So, at the Digital Marketers Australia conference, I managed to steal Joyce away from helping non-techie business owners (like myself) long enough to get the lowdown on all of this video stuff.

Creating video marketing content that your viewers want to engage with is vital for growing an audience. Thankfully, for all of the novice videographers out there (myself included), Joyce was more than happy to share six steps to help “bulletproof your video shoot.”

Listen in to learn:

  • How to create an immediate connection with your audience
  • Why you should always plan your video shoot – even if you’re not a natural planner (like me)
  • How to prepare your content to avoid making too many embarrassing bloopers
  • How to resonate with your viewers and ‘pick your style’
  • What must-have tools every videographer needs to pack in their backpack/luggage
  • Tips to help you produce killer bulletproof video content
  • How to do the “5 Day Challenge” to help improve your videographer skills
  • Why you should always publish videos with pride!
6 Steps to Bulletproof Your Video Shoot

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