Jeff Ferguson #SEOisAEO searchsummitau

Jeff Ferguson with Jason Barnard at Search Marketing Summit 2019

Jeff Ferguson talks with Jason Barnard about how Google is using machine learning (SEO and SEA).

Jeff Ferguson gets us started with a repeat of his groovy Elvis impersonation. Then gets serious and gives some amazing insights into what machine learning Google is using that affects SEO. Obviously Rankbrain, but also crawling and extracting unstructured and structured data for the web. I love the idea Jeff throws out – that is the only thing we are doing ONLY for the search engines. We debate whether is needed for understanding or is it really mostly for improving confidence. We move onto how many legs does a horse have (pretty funny) and how fast does an ostrich run. Jeff has a lovely line on cocky human beings. Onto ML in Google Ads, specifically DSA. Volume of data is incredibly important, and is a factor we (I) often overlook. Lastly Smart Display – Maybe machine learning will push some ugly ads because they work better… in which case we still need the human touch! 

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