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Emilija Gjorgjevska talks with Jason Barnard about SEO in the metaverse.

Emilija Gjorgjevska is a Senior VIP Project Manager and Machine Learning Specialist at Wordlift. Selected as a 2019 LinkedIn Valued Member by Linkedin’s research team. Accepted into Google’s invitation-only virtual program, Google Inside Look 2019. Recognized by IEEE, British Council, Nesta, the University of Texas at Austin, World Bank, Pioneers, FCSE Skopje and home country media. Holder of two certificates for innovation. And has worked as a Python engineer in the SEO industry for the last few years.

The constant evolution of digital marketing has opened the doors to virtual opportunities for every marketer. The emergence of highly advanced computer vision technologies that extract information from images and videos, marketers need to think “Mateverse” whilst also providing the best visual experience to their audience.

In this episode, Emilija Gjorgjevska explains the Metaverse to Jason Barnard so that he (and we) can better understanding what the Metaverse will look like, and how marketers can optimise their visual content for it. Emilija explains an SEO experiment she is doing at Wordlift using computer vision to supplement and augment more traditional SEO strategies. Don’t skip a second of this delightful, informative and incredibly engaging conversation with the brilliant Emilija Gjorgjevska!

What you’ll learn from Emilija Gjorgjevska

  • 00:00 Emilija Gjorgjevska and Jason Barnard
  • 01:35 Myroslav Khmarskiy’s Message from Ukraine
  • 02:48 How is Metaverse Related with the Rebranding of Facebook to Meta?
  • 05:55 Short Self-Introduction by Emilija Gjorgjevska
  • 07:31 Statistics: How Many People are Interested in Metaverse
  • 08:21 Game Developers and Countries Following Trends to Invest in Metaverse
  • 09:02 Mark Zuckerberg’s Visual Representation of Metaverse
  • 09:46 Deep Learning Revolutionised Computer Vision: DALL-E Vs CLIP
  • 11:49 Experiment: Using Computer Vision for a Video Optimisation Over SEO Techniques
  • 19:20 Understanding the YOLO Algorithm
  • 22:58 Importance of 3DModel Schema Markup
  • 30:49 Does Video Frame Architecture Mean Creating a Script?
  • 34:35 Does Google Analyze Text on a Video Screen?
  • 42:33 Google and Meta in the Metaverse
  • 53:23 Approaches to Optimising for the Metaverse
  • 56:52 Relevance of a Video’s Background for User’s Visual Experience

This episode was recorded live on video April 12th 2022

Recorded live at Kalicube Tuesdays (Digital Marketing Livestream Event Series). Watch the video now >>

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