Poster for Ravi Yada and Jason Barnard

Ravi Yada talks with Jason Barnard about the importance of behavioural analytics.

Ravi Yada was born in southern India, grew up in the Midwest, and lives in the Pacific Northwest. He is an engineer, inventor, and public speaker. He currently works as a product manager on Microsoft Clarity. Ravi has worked in analytics, search, computer vision, and machine learning for nearly a decade and has developed numerous products at Microsoft, most notably Bing Visual Search. Ravi is an avid public speaker on AI products and technology, speaking at Microsoft Build, CVPR, DMEXCO, SMX, @Scale, and NRF.

As a marketer, when building a website, you need to focus not on how YOU would personally use it, but how your users will – you have to walk in the user’s digital shoes, as Ravi Yada puts it. That is where Behavioural Analytics comes into play!

User behaviour analysis is the star of this episode. Jason Barnard and Ravi Yada discuss how understanding user behaviour on websites can help you improve user experience and that will lead to more conversions. And, as luck would have it, Microsoft Clarity is an amazing tool for analysing user behaviour. Microsoft Clarity is a behavioural analytics tool that uses click data, scroll tracking, session replays and heat maps to show how users interact with your website. Just like HotJar and MouseFlow, but it’s free for any size website with any volume of traffic! Why? Ravi reveals that during the episode.

As always, the show ends with passing the baton… Ravi groovily passes over to next week’s brilliant guest, Jason Davis.

What you’ll learn from Ravi Yada

  • 00:00 Ravi Yada and Jason Barnard
  • 00:30 Remembering Bill Slawski
  • 01:45 Ravi Yada’s Brand SERP from Bing
  • 03:09 Jason Barnard’s Brand SERP from Bing
  • 03:54 What is Behavioural Analytics?
  • 05:08 Understanding User Behaviour with Microsoft Clarity
  • 06:20 What can Microsoft Clarity Do?
  • 08:06 The Famous Bing Purple Ad Story!
  • 10:54 What are Dead Clicks and Rage Clicks?
  • 12:52 Excessive Scrolling: Why Users Scroll too Much on Your Website
  • 13:24 What is the Average Fold on Your Website and How Important is It?
  • 18:38 Ravi Yada’s Two Types of User Behaviour Analysis
  • 22:51 Four Types of Readers Online (or maybe 5)
  • 24:16 Does Microsoft Clarity Use Machine Learning
  • 28:06 Passing the Baton: Ravi Yada to Jason Davis

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This episode was recorded live on video May 24th 2022

Recorded live at Kalicube Tuesdays (Digital Marketing Livestream Event Series). Watch the video now >>

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