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Will Laurenson talks with Jason Barnard about the key to a perfect website.

Will Laurenson is a customer experience optimisation consultant helping ecommerce brands optimise their customer journeys for conversion and customer value. If you’re looking for a better ROI for your marketing spend and higher Customer Lifetime Value, you can connect with him on LinkedIn or Twitter. Will also hosts the Customers Who Click podcast, a weekly interview with leading marketers from across the industry.

Websites play an important role in sales, and when you design a website, you probably first think about what will appeal to your customers. But what if you got that wrong and should focus on how the website works for customers and how it answers their questions and concerns about your products or services, as well as your business. What should you do to achieve a high conversion rate?

In this interesting episode, Will Laurenson explains how to tailor the customer experience to increase a website’s conversion rate. He also addresses the impact that text, images, and videos have on the customer experience on the website. In addition, he suggests some top-notch tools you can use to track and analyse your customers’ actions while using your website, as well as the main barriers to conversion and how to overcome them.

As always, the show ends with passing the baton…Will passes the virtual baton to next week’s super awesome guest Gert Mellak.

What you’ll learn from Will Laurenson

  • 00:00 Will Laurenson and Jason Barnard 
  • 00:44 Will Laurenson’s Brand SERP in the UK
  • 01:20 Kalicube Support Group 
  • 01:26 Customers Who Click’s Brand SERP in the UK
  • 01:35 Will Laurenson’s Thoughts on Favicons on a Brand SERP
  • 02:45 Favicons from a Branding and Marketing Perspective
  • 03:55 Icons Vs Bullet Points on Product Pages
  • 04:49 How Important is Text Vs Images on a Website
  • 05:34 How Do Images and Videos on Websites Affect the Customer Experience
  • 06:23 Recommended Tools for Analysing the Actions of Potential Customer on a Website 
  • 06:58 Jason Barnard’s Experience Installing Microsoft Clarity
  • 08:03 Are There Limitations to Using Microsoft Clarity?
  • 08:57 Knowledge Panel Done for You Service by Kalicube
  • 10:00 What Makes a Perfect Website?
  • 10:54 How Do Customer Personas Help Create a Website 
  • 15:47 What to Look for to Achieve a High Conversion Rate
  • 20:11 How Does the Use of Vocabulary Impact Website Conversion
  • 27:12 How Does Branded Search Fit into a Perfect Website
  • 30:45 Passing the Baton: Will Laurenson to Gert Mellak

This episode was recorded live on video January 24th 2023

Recorded live at Kalicube Tuesdays (Digital Marketing Livestream Event Series). Watch the video now >>

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