Louisa Frahm #SEOisAEO ungaggedUSA

Louisa Frahm with Jason Barnard at Ungagged Los Angeles 2019

Louisa Frahm talks with Jason Barnard at moving from print press to digital.

Louisa Frahm is SEO editor at the Los Angeles Times and I feel a little overwhelmed by her and the institution that is the LA Times. First thing to know is that Louisa is there to educate the journalists rather than messing with their style. She is the stabiliser wheels for people who have 40 years of career behind them, which is cool. Moving an institution like this to a digital approach is a big, big deal. Then onto the European directive that aims to protect publishers. Louisa looks at it from the publishers point of view, I try to defend Google. Louisa then suggests a compromise and we move on very naturally to find a solution for a world where everyone is happy.

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