Frédéric Dubut with Jason Barnard - The Bing Series

Frédéric Dubut with Jason Barnard at The Bing Series

Frédéric Dubut talks to Jason Barnard about Bing’s search algorithm.

Episode #1 in a series about how ranking functions at Bing

This conversation confirms that the overall system for ranking at Bing functions in the same way as Google (as explained by Gary Illyes) – Darwinism in Search

But things rapidly become more interesting still…

Frederic is the 10 blue links / core algorithm team lead but goes on to explain a little about how ranking works for featured snippets, images, videos… and intriguingly how the whole page algorithm works.

After this interview, he generously organised a series of interviews with other team leads at Bing.

The Bing Series

Listen to (or watch) this episode with Frédéric to whet your appetite for the stunning revelations that the Bing team leads give me in the other four. Frédéric shared a lot of interesting information me in this conversation. But that is nothing to what I learned in the other four.

  1. How Ranking Works at Bing – Frédéric Dubut, Senior Program Manager Lead, Bing
  2. Discovering, Crawling, Extracting and Indexing at Bing – Fabrice Canel Principal Program Manager, Bing
  3. How the Q&A / Featured Snippet Algorithm Works – (this episode) Ali Alvi,  Principal Lead Program Manager AI Products, Bing
  4. How the Image and Video Algorithm Works – Meenaz Merchant, Principal Program Manager Lead, AI and Research, Bing
  5. How the Whole Page Algorithm Works – Nathan Chalmers, Program Manager, Search Relevance Team, Bing

The Bing Series (Part 2)

Assuming these 5 episodes are well received, we’ll do another series of interview-cum-conversations later in 2020. Hopefully getting more detailed insights into other things Frédéric mentions – I’m hoping for Ads (that work on much the same principle as other rich elements), knowledge panels, local results… and more.

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