Meenaz Merchant with Jason Barnard Bing

Meenaz Merchant with Jason Barnard at The Bing Series

Meenaz Merchant talks to Jason Barnard about the video and image algorithms.

Meenaz is team lead for multimedia – and that includes image search, video search and camera search.

The single most important factor for multimedia is relevance – ie fit for purpose / answers the intent. But also authority and trust (that are built over time – proving oneself) and engagement.

To understand images, they use alt tags, surrounding content, but also analysis of the image using machine learning.

They process every single image and recognise objects in the images. In terms of image analysis / object recognition, they started with faces of celebrities, and developed their machine learning from there.

For video, quality is vital… but also engagement. And the platform. And the player. Then also the sources that dominate depend on the type of query – news would tend to pull the BBC, CNN et al, entertainment would be mor YouTube, industry specific how-to’s more industry sites…

So there is not a ‘one rule fits all’. As usual 😉

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