Nathan Chalmers with Jason Barnard

Nathan Chalmers with Jason Barnard at The Bing Series

Nathan Chalmers talks to Jason Barnard about the whole page algorithm.

Nathan had done his homework by listening to previous episodes…. And he loves the song 🙂

A year ago I didn’t know about the bidding system in Google and Bing ranking… and 6 months ago I didn’t know there was a whole page team. Now I get to learn how the latter affects the former. 

First up, I had called the bidding system “Darwinism in Search”. Turns out Darwin is the name of their algorithm that allocates the positions on the SERP to different rich elements.

He tells me my initial analysis was good, but I made it all sound more mechanical than it truly is.

Next reveal – there are 6 teams that work together to build the whole page, each with their own Darwinistic system, with the aim of creating the best user experience.

The blue links are the base and they are NOT dying out, even if I thought they were.

Then onto Brand SERPs – and although I had seen that they are nuanced, but I had underestimated just HOW nuanced. User behaviour on the SERP is key to the anatomy of that page of results.

Whatever the SERP –  Bing’s aim is to get the user to success as fast as possible.

Brilliant from Nathan – I would say that as he ends by saying “this whole Darwinism in Search thing is really cool”.

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