Christine McKay With Jason Barnard at Kalicube Tuesdays

Christine Mckay talks with Jason Barnard about negotiation.

As a seasoned executive and negotiator with decades of experience, she reveals the elements we should consider to be effective at it. Turns out, negotiation is not about money, is about a conversation to find a common ground, just like in a relationship. Christine explains how we develop our default style of negotiation by the time we’re 7 and reveals the secret for not being bullied in a negotiation. In this podcast, you will also find out what are the 4 different styles of negotiators, how each style has its place in different contexts, and how you can make it work in your favor.

What You Will Learn

1:29 Christine’s Brand SERP and how much geolocation determines search results
4:21 Negotiation is not about money, is about how you ask
5:59 How much you could raise your price based solely on customer your relationship with the customer
6:55 Christine expands on how negotiation is nothing more than a conversation about a relationship
8:59 How we develop our default style of negotiation by the time we’re 7
13:09 The importance of asking effective questions in a negotiation and taking into consideration our counterpart’s needs
15:10 How you can determine a person’s preferred style of communication by looking at their LinkedIn profile
17:15 It’s good to be charming but transparency is key
18:40 Avoid being bullied in a negotiation
19:40 Is your counterpart trying to bully you? Here’s what that might mean
21:30 How much being strategic and thinking ahead helps in a negotiation
23:04 Could AI (Artificial Intelligence) do better than a human in a negotiation? (Hint: we’re doomed)
25:51 Venn’s Negotiator Style Quiz and a quick guess on Jason’s style of communication
27:15 The 4 different styles of negotiators
29:58 Every style has its place and can be effective in different contexts
32:40 Back to the core concept: negotiation is a conversation about a relationship

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This episode was recorded live on video December 2nd 2020

Recorded live at Kalicube Tuesdays (Digital Marketing Livestream Event Series). Watch the video now >>

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