Adam Helweh with Jason Barnard

Adam Helweh talks with Jason Barnard about customer engagement

We are in the age of the technology-driven customer. It is vital to understand that the devices, platforms and social channels they choose to use dictate their relationship with friends, institutions … and businesses. That means brands have a complex problem to solve: with so many parameters at play, how can a brand align their engagement strategy to the Connected Customer in an effective manner? And that problem is becoming more and more daunting for brands as the number and variety of platforms and devices explodes.

Adam Helweh is a Digital Marketing Expert and CEO & Founder of Secret Sushi. In this episode he presents an incredibly effective system to create an appropriate engagement strategy for your Connected Customer – the three ‘Ms’ (Mindset, Moment, and Medium).
He then elaborates on how to test and improve your strategy, stay abreast of new market trends and (super-importantly) keep up with your connected customer, making their user experience with your brand seamless.

What you’ll learn from Adam Helweh

  • 00:00 Adam Helweh and Jason Barnard
  • 02:23 Adam Helweh’s Brand SERP
  • 3:56 Adam Helweh in the Knowledge Graph
  • 4:42 What are the criteria to get the Twitter boxes on your Brand SERP
  • 7:29 What does it mean to be a Connected Customer?
  • 12:52 The Connected Customer and their different geographic locations
  • 15:12 Do we need to adapt to the Connected Customer today more than we needed 10 years ago?
  • 18:16 Strategizing for the Connected Customer?
  • 19:42 Identifying Mindset, Moment and Medium to engage effectively with your customers
  • 28:30 How can brands keep up with the ever-evolving tendencies?
  • 32:45 How not to get the “Mindset” part wrong and ruining the user experience
  • 35:31 Is it appropriate to present your customers with a solution (a website pop up for instance) while they’re researching it themselves?
  • 41:25 As customers become savvier, what’s the one thing that makes the difference at the bottom of the funnel?

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This episode was recorded live on video January 27th 2021

Recorded live at Kalicube Tuesdays (Digital Marketing Livestream Event Series). Watch the video now >>

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