Bibi Lauri Raven and Jason Barnard

Bibi Lauri Raven talks with Jason Barnard about link building

Bibi Lauri Raven (aka Bibi the Link Builder) is a very experienced Link Builder based out of Amsterdam. Very well known in the SEO industry – having guest-posted at major authoritative websites such as the Search Engine Journal – she has mastered the art of manual outreach down to a science.

She explains the importance of focus, narrowing down and understanding your prospect list, in order to create an instant and personal connection through humor and familiarity.

You’ll find out Bibi’s inspiration for her pitching philosophy, what a typical email looks like, and the secret to making Link Building fun!

What you’ll learn from Bibi Lauri Raven

  • 00:00 Bibi Lauri Raven with Jason Barnard
  • 00:49 The Brand SERP for Bibi the Link Builder 
  • 02:41 The goal of the Brand SERP
  • 03:38 The importance of Links in your overall marketing strategy
  • 07:15 Making Link Building fun
  • 10:03 The downside of having a wide prospect list (and using automation)
  • 11:00 Is mass-emailing a dangerous tactic?
  • 12:24 Link Building is all about building relationships
  • 13:44 A marriage proposal that resulted in Bibi turning into a cartoon
  • 16:10 Theming in Link Building and laughing your way through outreach
  • 24:25 Do templated emails eventually come across as inauthentic?
  • 25:50 What’s your follow up tactic when you get a “No”?
  • 31:03 Does “No referral” traffic equal no real value?
  • 32:09 How to pitch your service when quantifying the value is difficult?
  • 34:16 What’s Bibi’s goal?
  • 36:14 Outreach for linkable assets – is it a hit or miss?

Helpful Resources About Laughing Your Way Through Outreach

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This episode was recorded live on video March 3rd 2021

Recorded live at Kalicube Tuesdays (Digital Marketing Livestream Event Series). Watch the video now >>

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