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Anton Shulke talks with Jason Barnard about looking back on the groovy years and looking forward to the years ahead.

Anton Shulke (The Livestream Guy) is a livestream production manager. Since 2015 he has been working on live events, webinars and podcasts for major players in the SEO industry like Semrush, Duda and smaller companies like Kalicube. As of 2020, he has worked as production manager on over 100 episodes of the Kalicube Tuesdays series of livestream events. Anton’s role as production manager includes booking guests, organising the show, technical testing, and running each episode. Guests have included Carrie Rose, Nik Ranger, Andrea Volpini, Dave Davies, David Bain, Bill Slawsky, Danny Goodwin, Erin Sparks, Mads Singers, Rebecca Berbel, Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR, Kevin Indig, Cindy Krum, Barry Schwartz, Tim Soulo, James Mulvany, Dr Ai Addyson Zhang, Bengu Atamer,David Avrin and Neal Schaffer, Patrick M Powers, Ryan Foland, Matthew Tenney, Ted Rubin, Rand Fishkin, Olsia Korobka, Teodora Petkova, Russ Jeffery, Gennaro Cuofano, Simon Cox, Matt Artz and Emilija Gjorgjevska. 

Many viewers and listeners of Kalicube Tuesdays may have wondered how the show got its name. Tuesdays because it’s something to get excited about every Tuesday, but what about Kalicube? Jason Barnard (The Brand SERP Guy) finally reveals all! Woohoo!

With intelligent, interesting and fun conversations, Kalicube Tuesdays has been a staple in the digital marketing podcast universe for three years. This incredible chat is a retrospective of the one hundred and fifteen episodes, and with Anton Shulke (The Livestream Guy) now on screen, it was like reliving every moment. This episode also includes some of Jason’s rebranding tips and dominating Brand SERP nuggets.

And while Kalicube Tuesdays looks back on its groovy years, it also looks forward to more and more to come.

What you’ll learn from Anton Shulke

  • 00:00 Anton Shulke and Jason Barnard
  • 00:48 100th Episode with Carrie Rose
  • 01:42 Anton Shulke’s Brand SERP
  • 02:10 Kalicube Tuesdays’ Brand SERP
  • 02:42 Video of the Monthly Roundtable with Nik Ranger and Andrea Volpini on Anton’s Brand SERP
  • 03:09 News About Anton Shulke
  • 04:48 The Mystery Behind Kalicube’s Name and Logo Revealed
  • 07:36 How Does a Unique Brand Name Affect Brand SERP Dominance
  • 09:30 Is Rebranding an Option for a Common Brand Name to Dominate the SERP?
  • 09:43 Dave Davies Rebranded Using Kalicube Pro
  • 09:58 Rebranding: Small and Large Company
  • 10:14 Rebranding Vs Becoming the Dominant Entity
  • 11:23 A Look Back at Some of Kalicube Tuesdays’ Grooviest Guests
  • 12:08 Remembering Bill Slawski
  • 13:10 David Bain’s Funnel Marketing Explanation
  • 13:15 SERP Chats with Dave Davies
  • 13:24 Danny Goodwin’s Opportunity for Jason Barnard to Write for Search Engine Journal
  • 13:28 Hanging Out with Erin Sparks
  • 13:37 Explaining Nik Ranger’s Presentation to Audio Listeners
  • 14:06 Mads Singers: How to Run a Business
  • 14:24 The Brilliant Rebecca Berbel and Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR 
  • 14:37 The Amazing Kevin Indig and the Delightful Cindy Krum
  • 14:44 Making Barry Schwartz Laugh
  • 14:58 Tim Soulo’s Insightful Episode
  • 15:24 Kalicube Tuesdays Season 1
  • 15:33 First Ever Kalicube Tuesdays’ Episode with James Mulvany
  • 16:22 Season 1 Guests Outside SEO: Dr Ai Addyson Zhang, Bengu Atamer, David Avrin and Neal Schaffer
  • 16:28 More Non SEO Guests: Patrick M Powers, Ryan Foland, Matthew Tenney, Ted Rubin, and Rand Fishkin
  • 17:42 Barnaby Wynter’s Bucket Theory of Funnels
  • 18:42 Kalicube Tuesdays Season 2
  • 21:52 Olesia Korobka’s Image SEO Episode22:10 Teodora Petkova’s Ideas on Semantics and Semantic Web
  • 22:10 Teodora Petkova’s Ideas on Semantics and Semantic Web
  • 22:28 Russ Jeffery from Duda
  • 22:31 Kalicube Tuesdays’ First Passing the Baton: Gennaro Cuofano to Simon Cox
  • 23:57 Kalicube Tuesdays Season 3
  • 24:07 Monthly Roundtable Specials with WordLift
  • 24:38 Monthly Roundtable with Matt Artz and Emilija Gjorgjevska
  • 26:11 Audio and Video Experience on Kalicube Tuesdays

This episode was recorded live on video August 16th 2022

Recorded live at Kalicube Tuesdays (Digital Marketing Livestream Event Series). Watch the video now >>

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