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Tom Critchlow talks with Jason Barnard about how to report SEO to your CEO.

Tom Critchlow is a freelance strategy consultant with over a decade of experience in product and marketing strategy. He worked in SEO at all levels and in a range of businesses, including product development at Google Creative Lab, Area 120, New York Times R&D, and the fintech sector. He is now working on The Strategic Independent, a book about independent consulting that will be available online.

Understanding SEO jargon requires specific SEO knowledge, which is impossible for someone who is unfamiliar with it. As an SEO, it is therefore important to first determine your CEO’s (or client’s) level of SEO understanding to ensure effective communication, a smooth workflow and ongoing success.

Another fun episode with a whirlwind of insight, featuring, of course, the rather groovy Jason Barnard and the brilliant Tom Critchlow digging deep on how an SEO can better manage their relationship with the CEO: get them onboard, obtain the resources you need, manage expectations, get buy-in from internal teams and, best of all, ensure everyone appreciates you true value.

As always, the show ends with passing the baton… Tom sweetly hands over to next week’s amazing guest, Joseph J. Sherman.

What you’ll learn from Tom Critchlow

  • 00:00 Tom Critchlow and Jason Barnard
  • 00:40 The Fundamentals of Brand SERP for Business
  • 01:07 Tom Critchlow’s Brand SERP
  • 04:41 SEO Vocabulary and Misconceptions
  • 07:24 Tips to Explain SEO to Your CEO
  • 09:08 Use Explainable Models – Don’t Get Overly Complex
  • 10:56 Managing the CEO’s Expectations With a Traffic or Ranking Drop
  • 13:30 How to Manage Expectations When Traffic Skyrockets
  • 15:26 Communication is Key to SEO Success
  • 17:34 What Do Businesses Care About That SEOs Should Focus on?
  • 23:44 Communicate with Clarity to keep the CEO Onboard
  • 30:58 How Well Do Modern SEOs Understand Users?
  • 32:50 SEO is Cross Functional
  • 36:50 Pragmatic Understanding of Resources
  • 40:06 Passing the Baton: Tom Critchlow to Joseph J. Sherman

This episode was recorded live on video January 25th 2022

Recorded live at Kalicube Tuesdays (Digital Marketing Livestream Event Series). Watch the video now >>

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